Handmade Kitchen Larders

Larders are an ideal storage solution for any kitchen. They provide a central location for storing all your day to day stuff, from pots and pans to dry goods, herbs, spices and oils, bottles and jars - the list is endless!

Those lucky enough to have built in larders will confirm how essential they are in the efficient running of their kitchen. For those without built in larders, the option of a free standing version is always open.  Having one designed and built to your own specification insures it will meet your own exacting requirements. As we have designed and built hundreds of kitchen larders, we are ideally placed to work with you in supplying a larder that will work specifically for you.
Larders have a relatively small footprint in relation to their storage capacity, for instance a Larder of only say 600mm wide can provide ample room for a small busy family.
Larger larders can even be designed to house appliances like fridges or microwave ovens. Add to this the wide range of pullout larder shelf mechanisms that are now available and you have the potential to design a truly space efficient cabinet and because its handmade, it will also be a great looking piece of furniture!

If you would like to find out more, simply drop us a line detailing how much space you have available and the sort of things you want to store and we will get back to you with a drawing and a quotation.