Ben Shorey Handmade Hardwood Kitchens

Natural wood kitchens have unique warmth and an enduring appeal in any setting.
There is something about natural wood that compels us to stroke it. As traditional cabinetmakers you would expect us to feel passionate about real wood - and we do!
Real wood has versatility unmatched by any other material. Identical pieces of furniture can be easily be made to look a hundred years old or truly contemporary. Subtle changes in design and finish can have a dramatic effect on how we perceive the finished article. Whatever the age or style of your house a real wood kitchen can complement your home.
Our experience in the design and building of many hundreds of kitchens, in a wide variety of settings, will insure you finally get the kitchen you have been searching for.

A wood with a unique character - Oak is our most popular species. Ideally suited for kitchens, its hard wearing finishes well and with careful selection, has a wide variety of grain patterns. For a more modern feel we can select straighter grain stock or for an older look, knots, knarls and shakes would be selected.
Other popular species are maple, ash, elm and walnut, all with their own individual characteristics.
Oak or maple is particularly good for worktops.
Pine, although not classified as a hardwood, remains a popular choice. The North American variety we use has a traditional grain (Not too knotty) and finishes without the orange tinge you often get with Scandinavian pine. We may even be able to find you some old pine.

Interested in learning more about our hardwood kitchens? Simply drop us a line and we will get back to you to talk through your project. If you are local, we are more than happy to call out and see you and then prepare an outline drawing and quotation - there is no charges for this, access to our wealth of experience is completely free!