Ben Shorey Handmade Kitchens

Ben Shorey Furniture - where we are dedicated to making the very best handmade kitchens. With over 20 yearsí experience, we listen to what you want and create the perfect environment for you and your family. We know that everyone has different needs and we aim to delight you with our plans and the finished article.

A handmade kitchen Ė where bespoke means bespoke

When we create a handmade kitchen for you, itís from scratch. We donít build onto existing pre-cut cupboards and we donít have a limited range of finishes. Everything is built exactly as you want it, no matter what size, style or colour. We believe that your kitchen should work for you in every possible way, which is why we take the time to make sure that all your requirements are met before we get down to the workshop and start crafting your handmade kitchen.

Real wood handmade kitchen

As a family business, our reputation is built on quality and service. As far as quality goes, we distinguish ourselves from many other kitchen manufacturers by only building our handmade kitchens from real wood. Even the bits of your kitchen you canít see are made with real wood. Thatís because we believe in the quality, strength and durability of real wood, and because if youíre paying for a bespoke handmade kitchen, you deserve the very best materials. Our service is personal and we love to be involved in your project to make sure you get years of pleasure from your kitchen.

The best option for handmade kitchens

The beauty of ordering a handmade kitchen from Ben Shorey Furniture is our flexibility and the help and advice we can give you. If youíre building an extension or enlarging your kitchen, we can plan ahead, and work within your building schedule so that your handmade kitchen is ready when you are. Whatís more, if youíre not able to install the kitchen all at one time, weíll phase the deliveries until everythingís sorted.

Interested in learning more about our handmade kitchens? Simply drop us a line and we will get back to you to talk through your project. If you are local, we are more than happy to call out and see you and then prepare an outline drawing and quotation - there is no charges for this, access to our wealth of experience is completely free!