About Ben Shorey Furniture

As I'm sure you have gathered by now my name is Ben Shorey. I was Born in Wales but have lived most of my life in rural Oxfordshire, which probably explains why when not up to my ankles in wood shavings I'm ben1pursuing my other great passions - fly fishing and my dogs. I'm getting married later this year so let's hope I still have time to get out and get my boots muddy!
I worked in the family business Crick House Interiors for almost fifteen years learning my trade the hard way - there was certainly no favors shown! Eventually I got to manage the cabinet shops and was involved in the design and building of all the furniture that passed through the workshops. The job involved the training of our apprentices so I got to pass on my philosophy of 'If a job is worth doing its worth doing well'
With the demise of Crick House Interiors  I have struck out on my own - with a little help from Dad behind the scenes. So between us we have over forty years of experience in this business.
My aim is to continue to build 'furniture to last a lifetime', traditionally made to the highest possible standard and offer an honest and personal service.
As to what I make - that is entirely down to you as the customer. I'm just as happy making a shelf for the loo as making a completely new kitchen. No job is too small or too big!